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Odds 'N' Ends

93, all!

(1) If you didn't see this week's installment of PBS's Frontline -- "The Jesus Factor" -- you might want to check your local listings for repeats. It is not, as you might have feared, a puff-piece suggesting the Prez is a deeply committed Christian. It is, instead, a nightmarish warning to America...suggesting the Prez is a deeply committed Christian.

Okay, cheap shot, I know. Put it this way: there are Christians who have maybe a little too much self-hatred in their lives, and there are Christians who pay maybe a little too much attention to what their neighbors are up to, at the expense of self-examination. And then again, there are Christians who are really eager to bring about "Armageddon," by which they mean the literal end of physical life. Now picture giving one of their number, of conceivably less than Einsteinian IQ, the keys to the biggest arsenal in the world.

I still have to think about whether I find the documentary persuasive. But definitely food for thought.

(2) I've added entropy156 to my Friends list, since he was kind enough to add my poor efforts to his...and for everyone who wonders why a rudimentary understanding of mechanics, if not science proper, can come in handy. See his 5 April "Vault" entry, and prepare to laugh.  :)

(3) I find that the hardest thing about LJ isn't having something to write...it's fighting the temptation to throw everything overboard and spend all your time here, at least at first. Deadly stuff, especially for a writer: you spend a couple hours writing something here, it's harder to get your nightly page count turned out for your "real" work.

Topics I'm considering: update on how volume four, In The Nightmare Village, is coming along; a CNN glossary, so you'll be able to decode its stock phrases without impediment; and maybe some observational or think pieces. We'll see. Back to work, AJ!  :/

Thanks for stopping by, anyhow.  :D

93 93/93 -- AJ


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