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World Enough and Time

Sol in Cancer, Luna in Aries, Dies Jovis
18 Cancer C / 8 July 2004 EV

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The late, great SF writer Gordon R. Dickson (and if you haven't already, particularly if you're visiting Maine, say, and looking for something to read, snatch up his (1) Necromancer, (2) Soldier, Ask Not, (3) Tactics of Mistake, and if you're still interested (4) Dorsai!, all from his "Childe Cycle" -- there are several later ones, the best probably being The Final Encyclopedia, and I can list 'em another time but where was I?, ahem:) -- who among other things foreshadowed the Internet, particularly its interest-based communities aspect, back in the early 1960's, no less -- once mentioned in passing that the most frustrating thing for writers was that they'd never possibly live long enough to write even a tiny fraction of the stories they had in their heads. I used to envy such fecundity of imagination, ruefully aware it'd never be my problem. Until I started writing full-time, in August of 1985, and rapidly discovered that my dance card was a lot fuller than I'd ever have dreamed: laden with projects I hoped to get finished by my forty-fifth birthday (at the end of 1999), and heck, I am pretty nearly half finished with same, as I approach age fifty, with only another hundred or two of same lined up behind 'em and clamoring for recognition....

My point being: there ain't time enough for everything you want to do in this life. Even if you're not a writer. (I mean, okay, you could theoretically spend less hours surfing pr0n*, perhaps, but merciful Heaven one has to maintain some priorities. Wait. Where was I?)

I want to post here more often. I want to do less heavy-duty stuff here (and in fact do some funny stuff -- you'd never know from this page how humor-laced my fiction is, for example). I'd like to document the writing of the current book, In The Nightmare Village, and I'd even considered things like finally writing the "Black Monk" series as little vignettes here (a fantasy story-cycle featuring an astral version of St. Bill Hicks) or the insane DiVorss series ("May DiVorss Befit You," "Putting Descartes Before DiVorss," to name just two), and then there's wanting to comment on the blog phenomenon itself: how one never knows when one is in a Golden Age, and people seem to miss that we're in one, now, here online, and it can't last forever....

So let's just stop with that one. Creativity may have been largely banished from the mainstream (not least as a predictable side-effect of rampant totalitarianism, soon may it perish), but it is alive and well online, at least for now. Be grateful for that, dammit. Make use of it. And I have great hope for the future: to be reading an insightful commentary by a twenties-ish young woman who not long ago would have been an Emily Dickinson, one-per-generation (if you're lucky) freak of nature, and realize that she's got several bazillion sisters and brothers out there, too, these days (and I'd link her journal but for the fact that her Userinfo notes she was born in 1987 (??!!)** which despite how her photo looks makes her seventeen, and I have to admit I think it a Very Bad Idea to chat up the under-eighteens, however brilliant they may be, so I clicked out and ain't adding her, but you get the idea).

End this somewhere, AJ, Okay, I will. These three things, though:

(1) Current brain science suggests that the mind is a use-it-or-lose-it proposition. That is, you're not imagining it: thanks to a phenomenon called "brain-pruning," unless the creative muscle is exercised it really does being to atrophy -- your friends really have dumbed-down since college. So there's that: if you don't have an education, f'rgoddssakes consider getting one, and once you have one, keep the wheels turning, okay?

(2) Spend a moment being grateful for this brief burst of what the Internet provides. Write down your thoughts, print 'em out, have 'em to look at later and remind yourself what you used to know. OTOH, don't get so wrapped up in writing stuff down that you forget to live. All of which leads us to our nominal point:

(3) There's only so much time. You never know how much you'll get. Think about what you want to do while you're here: make a list, narrow it down, Focus. Then get the hell doing it, even if it's just watching sunsets and writing poetry, or fixing up bitchen cars and drinking beer. Or even surfing the net for pr0n, for crying out loud. But make it a choice, not a default setting, whatever it is you want to do.

Papers ready? Raise your pencils....


Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in Love and Freedom, AJ   :)

* Sure, I know They've long-since added that search term, but I am addicted to antique Netspeak. I am even known occasionally to W00t, though I've so far resisted the temptation to claim proprietorship over All Your Bases (D'Oh!).

** Which is fargan curious since 1987 was last fargan week, dagnabbit. What th -- ?


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