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"The Jesus Factor," Part 2

93, all!

The really brilliant thing about the Frontline "Jesus Factor" doc (see previous entry) is the way it manages to expose a major threat to this country, and the world, without offending the people who don't consider it a threat. The L.A. Times review assumed the show would infuriate conservatives, but that's not proven true of conservative Christians. Why?

Basically, the Frontline ep argued, rather persuasively, that the U.S. is currently ruled by a man who sincerely believes it his solemn duty -- literally entrusted in him by God Almighty -- to use the country's treasure, blood and weaponry to impose fundamentalist Christianity on the entire planet, at home and abroad. Depending who you are, your response is either, "Yeah! About time, too!" or "Oh my God you're kidding me!"...or, alas, "I don't believe it for a minute" -- which latter could conceivably be a very serious error, should it turn out to be true.

Most of the folks I know -- who, left and right, tend to be a fairly socially libertarian bunch -- assume that Shrubby's professions of Christianity are simply calculated: a sop to his base, cover for his real motives, and so forth. After seeing "The Jesus Factor" (and the Bob Woodward appearance on 60 Minutes a couple weeks back, which edged into similar territory) I'm beginning to believe that they, we, have been badly mistaken on this issue. True, most of the day-to-day policy of the administration seems to be Cheney stealing things for his friends, and as he has a lot of powerful friends, said policies end up with plenty of heavy-duty support.

But the possibility exists that the guy with the final say, Constitutionally, really does believe those things back in paragraph two. And that is a situation likely to become irreparably bad, without warning, while most of his opponents still assume they're dealing with a somewhat snarkier version of his dad.

Don't mean to be getting all political on ya. That was just one sobering piece of journalism, is all, and I'm afraid people won't take it seriously until it's way past too late. If I were you (and particularly if you're used to sprinkling your correspondence with 93's), I'd give the rerun of this PBS show a gander, and some thought.

93 93/93 -- AJ


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