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Where Ya Been, AJ? :0

93, all!

Sorry to go so long without an update (which maybe three of the five of you who read this might be missing ;) ) -- finally finished chapter I:6, and am organizing for I:7, which means that Book One of ITNV is, thankfully, only two chapters from completion. One of the things I find toughest is writing "connective tissue": stuff that simply has to be done for the story to work, but is low on intrinsic interest and holds us back from the stuff we really wanna get to. One finds ways to make it interesting, natch, but that's hard and annoying work...and not much helped by lengthy efforts on lj. (Cue the copyrighted Entropy song, "Let's, dooo, the Tiiime-siiink a-gaaaaainnn!")

Fortunately, the massive time spent doing Book One has kept the page-count down: two chapters of the thing to go, and we're only on page 48. It really is harder (for me, anyway) to write "short" than "long" -- particularly while trying to preserve that Stephen King-ish ease of readability thang. It's a relief to reread it, though, and realize that it breezes by faster (and more engagingly) than the disproportionate effort of writing it made you fear. Then too, I suppose it should have been predictable that the book assigned to Hod (all of ITNV, alas, not just Book One) would involve a great deal more intellectual effort to compose than my usual stuff (more's the pity!...and me with practically no Air in my chart. :/ ).

I also resent not having time to reply on other people's ljs, not to mention plug Friends (e.g., two I've added: 1handle and agent777...the former a fascinating, intensely personal essayist who added me first (for which thanks!), the latter my buddy James(agent139)'s new essays-writings-and-digital-photo-collages page, both of which you should check out asap :) ).

Finally, I've been spending my afternoons and evenings following the Democratic Convention (on C-SPAN, where, bless them, they show the whole thing gavel-to-gavel -- the way the networks ought to, btw: a broadcast license is basically a permit to print money, and the least they should do to earn it is facilitate democratic debate, by covering both party conventions live, irrespective of ratings). I may have more to say on that later (or not); for now, I'll just post up some thoughts left over from a week or two back, and leave it at that.

Here it comes! Duck! :)

93 93/93 -- AJ

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