"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

For those who remember the pulps...

93, all!

(1) Go here:


(2) View the trailer. Then the exclusive clip of the Undersea Battle.

(3) Get in line. It opens September 17. ;)

I can already hear people carping about casting, and silliness, and obvious signs of floppery. Such people, I believe, don't remember the pulps. Not as fondly as I do, anyway.

Doc Savage. The Shadow (the real one, not the awful Alec Baldwin version). The Spider, Master of Men. The Avenger. The PULPS, dammit!

I mean, this film has squadrons of WWII airplanes modified to FLY UNDERWATER! And the skies are black with AERIAL ROBOTS! All at the command of THE EVIL DOCTOR TOTENKOPF!

And, yes, I know how all that sounds. I'm ashamed even to post this here! But I CAN'T STOP MYSELF!

(NB: The last time I got such a buzz off a trailer was autumn of 1976, when I tried to tell everyone I knew that something coming out the following spring was gonna be wonderful -- despite its perfectly ludicrous title, at which simply everybody rolled their eyes. I mean, you're kidding, right? "Star Wars"? ;) )

Sure, I could be wrong this time. I probably am. I'll post an apology, honest I will. In the meantime, it feels great to be eager to see a movie I had no idea was coming out, until a week or two ago.

Finally, check out the film's website:


...if you're lucky, you may get the randomly-activated German version of the logo.


93 93/93 -- AJ

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