"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)


Sol in Libra, Luna in Virgo, Dies Martis
21 Libra C / 12 October 2004 EV

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The shy and retiring Edward Alexander Crowley would hate for me to mention it here*, but one hundred twenty-nine years ago today, in the unassuming village of Bethlehe -- (sorry) Leamington Spa, a humble* woman labored and brought forth a boy child who would become a Man: One imprisoned in the illusion of flesh as we are, tempted like unto ourselves, but destined to make plain** the way of Salvation for a needy world.

He was only twenty-eight when he announced his purpose (in The Sword of Song)...but as is so often the case, this announcement was promptly followed by a Harrowing of Hell.*** The struggle was (as it always is) agonizing and miserable; but the Master who emerged from it -- though he wisely waited several years more to formally claim that Grade -- was no longer the sufferer it had ensnared. Thus is the Pathway of Initiation, the Pathway of God, if you will: for while the struggle itself continues so long as we continue to draw breath, once attained to Mastery we are no longer its victims.

Initiation reminds us why we are here, what we intended by coming here (I speak in a figure); what we can hope to accomplish, and how to go about it. Alone among the spiritual benefactors of mankind, the Magus of Thelema left both a goal attainable by all willing to work for it, and a Record thorough enough to make its attainment possible. That so comparatively few have entered upon its study -- and, alas, even fewer reached its appointed end -- is surely no fault of the Master; and I confidently predict that its promulgation throughout the world, impressive though that is in the short space of a mere century, is as nothing compared to what it will ultimately mean to mankind.

So birthy hapday, Uncle Al, from your little band of followers. We continue to strive to make your words true, once again: "few indeed are called, but of these few many are chosen."****

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in Love and Freedom,


* Bwaaahahahahaha! But he would have liked the joke. :)
** Okay, not exactly plain. But it's in there, if you read closely enough, and loose not your grip on your senses of both tragedy and humor. See, e.g., The Heart of the Master, Book Four (particularly Part I), Eight Lectures on Yoga, AHA!, and The Book of Lies...especially in the light of Liber CCXX. And the essay "Eleusis" practically gives the whole thing away. I mean, really, now.
*** Everyone incarnate harrows Hell sooner or later, of course; a dear friend of mine is harrowing it even as we speak. The Masters, however, emerge from that event with Good News. See Liber LXV:V, especially verses 59-65.
**** From Liber X, which sets out "the nature of the Work."

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