April 28th, 2004


"...the Glory of the Royal Scam"*

93, all!

No, no...not the one you Thelemites are thinking of (though given my grade I'd be more than qualified to address same, ahem-hem); this is the promised post on scams aimed at parting would-be actors from their hard earned kopeks.

My wife**, Catherine, is a working actress, so we're more than accustomed to running across examples of same -- but yesterday's haul from the answering machine brought a novel one. Serious voiced woman announces that she got Cath's name from "either someone in the Industry, or one of our actors..." (rustling of paper), "Oh, yes, I see the form [!] was submitted anonymously, so it must be an actor, that's usually the case. Well, I need to set my schedules, so I'll have to hear from you before 5:00 today." Followed by a first name, and a phone number in the Valley.

Out of curiosity Cath phoned the woman back, and as soon as she tried to penetrate the mysteries involved, the woman got huffy and allowed as how her "services" were only for "working actors," and maybe Cath wasn't "ready" for them. Now, a woman who's been in two films this year (small art films, but still***) doesn't need to be warned that this is a scam, but some of my readers might. For the record, then, (1) folks in "the Industry" tend to be less mysterious than this in telling you what they're calling about, particularly if they need a reply within hours, (2) I never heard of anybody legitimately referring a fellow actor by filling out a "form," anonymously or otherwise, and most importantly (3) if somebody pulls that "maybe you're not good enough for Our Magnificent Selves" deal -- particularly when they called you first -- your Spidey senses oughtta be tingling.

The woman did give Cath her website address to prove her bona fides...which proves that she has a website, period. Particularly unforthcoming website, too.  :/

There are a lot of paid showcase opportunities in this town, and zillions of workshops and classes. Some of them are worth it, even well worth it.

But not the ones that start out shrouded in mystery, then serve you up some 'tude when you try to get details.

Words to tha Wise.  ;)

93 93/93 -- AJ

*Betcha isomeme got that title reference.  ;)

**That's right -- we've been together eighteen years this June, but we did finally get married a coupla years back.  :D

***She's also a martial artist, for real and for film, who recently got paid two hundred smackers a minute for some fancy Japanese swordplay...and come to that, she's quoted in Rupert Sheldrake's book The Sense of Being Stared At. Did I mention I worship this woman?



persephone and her mom at a cafe in the mojave

the rain really coming down and she says no, mom, it's not so bad
as it happens I like the taste of pomegranates
and the dead are vague but friendly and it's only a few months of the year anyway

besides (she adds, reluctant) hades keeps sending me poems
scrawled gray on gray, you have to hold them up to the fog
to read them

                      and demeter for her part is censorious, disapproving,
all those practical corngoddess things, you know how it is:
but you're my daughter and I miss you and anyway deus
just should've been fairer about this, hades is all right, but no companion for a girl

and you want to say I'm not a girl any more, mother, I'm really not
but of course you don't. and it's really coming down outside, like it does:
cafe window drenched, rivulets crawling the glass in streams

you can smell the rain and the glass. it smells metallic.

and you can just make out the filigree of letters, then: even without fog:
the delicate tracery of rain that says you are missed and loved down here
it begins like this: the rain really coming down and she says no, mom,

it's not so bad

-- AJ for Kore / 5 Scorpio XCVI (27 October 2000 ev)
© 2000 The Consciousness Institute, all rights reserved