May 7th, 2004


New Denizen

93, all!

Thanks to redjenn93, I am able to welcome the newest inhabitant of Castle AJ in style. :)

Everybody give a big welcome to...Fremblio! (see icon).

As some of you know, my beloved Urvang -- constant companion of the last sixteen and a half years -- passed from our hands into the arms of Nuit on 19 March. We have had three cats for many years, and when one leaves us, we tend to treat their passing as though an office had been vacated, and needed to be filled. Fremblio (FRAME-blee-oh) seems more than up to the task.

Life giveth, and Life taketh away. Blessed be Life! (Or, as St. Kurt Vonnegut so memorably put it (from memory, hence no quotation marks here), At least we get to be part of the mud that gets to sit up and look around.)

Enough mawkishness, Sentimental AJ! All Hail Fremblio! :D

93 93/93 -- AJ (*snif*)