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The Unexpected House
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Thursday, May 13th, 2004

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Free Sample :)
93, all!

Those who have checked out my poor li'l homepage (such as it is) are aware that the first nine chapters of volume one in the Consciousness Cycle, Occult Forces, are available online. It occurs to me that I forgot to post that link here. So...


...click on Occult Forces by A.J. Rose (no duh)

I put this one out almost ten years ago, now -- and worse yet, my New York Times bestselling author buddy Phil Farber (also author of the excellent FutureRitual, and those "Pan's Tarot" entries you see around from time to time, among other fine things*) suffered a program glitch that ate all my apostrophes, quotation marks and such, so the text looks a little more "experimental" here than it is in print. But what the hey, it's free. :)

Hope you like!

93 93/93 -- AJ

*Phil's own page is here, and deeply worth a look (and when you attend his delightful seminars, tell him AJ sent you!):


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