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The Unexpected House
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Wednesday, May 26th, 2004

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93, all!

Those who pay attention to such things will notice our change in icons, Fremblio being replaced by Katsuhito Masaki from Tenchi Muyo. For those wondering, No, I ain't quite that old. (In fact, Cath found a pic of Nobuyuki Masaki "in traditional peeper attire," which is frighteningly perfect; we're hoping redjenn93 will be able to help us resize it. Fair warning to Ryoko while bathing -- at least until I get around to drawing up and scanning one of my famous AJ self-portrait cartoons....)

Makes you think, though, about LJ icons, and self-representation online in general: how we respond, not entirely consciously, to people's "avatars" online (not to mention online personae, of course). Was Fremblio more appealing that Katsuhito -- as in, will (new) people be less willing to chime in now? (Be that as it may, I have to confess I'm happier with something that seems to say "Warning: Old Guy Present" than "Look, kids! A kitty!"; then too, even with fellow grown-ups, I'd much rather "seem" like an old guy online (and surprise you with my amazing foxiness in person ;) ) than disappoint IRL.

(Hmm. Prolly better get Nobuyuki-the-perv up ASAP, and get to work on that AJ cartoon. Truth in Advertising, says I!)

Finally, am I the only one slightly uncomfortable with some of the totally-uncommunicative icons? -- not scary or something, but sorta noncommittal? Any thoughts, fellow decoders of the semantic environment?

93 93/93 -- The Ancient One

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