June 1st, 2004


On the Passing of Soror Meral

Sol in Gemini, Luna in Scorpio, Dies Martis
13 Gemini C / 1 June 2004 EV

Cari Fratres et Sorores:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Somebody who never knew her personally is now going to list a few perfectly obvious things about Soror Meral. Having little right to do so, he will try to keep it brief.

She was one of a handful of giants of Thelema of the generation right after Uncle Al's; one of an even tinier number who, with extraordinary courage, carried it on when the issue might have seemed in doubt; and in a category all her own in ways too varied and important to cover here.

Her adoration for, and certainty of, her Angel proved infectious for so many others. Her insistence on education, and erudition, among Thelemites was crucial decades ago (not least in the founding of the College of Thelema and In The Continuum), is crucial today, and will prove even more crucial in the years to come: Thelema's survival as more than a superstition will be thanks in large measure to her efforts. She was, is, living proof that a single teacher (Crowley's student Jane Wolfe) can teach a single student...and thereby change a world.

She did what she did in service to A.'.A.'., as nobody who loves that Order in its deepest sense could doubt for an instant. She had the astonishing gift to force your love and admiration even when you most strongly disagreed with her...and even after many decades of stellar work, accomplished some of her most critical service to the Order in great age, often in ways known only to a comparative (sometimes an actual) few.

She was a wonderful painter, a wonderful poet, a superb teacher and thinker. As somebody once said of another great spiritual teacher, she was more right when she was wrong than most of us are when we're right; and (at the risk of being cryptic) some of her most important work involved forcing people to think for themselves, even when that's not precisely what she intended at the time.

There will be many, and far better, tributes to come: from those who knew her personally, and benefited directly from her work, and have a far greater right to comment than I do. As one who (as he sees it) serves the Great Order under another name and in idiosyncratic ways, by what light is given him, I rise only to state the incomparable debt we all owe her, as will so many to come.

She would have hated this tribute...but I comfort myself that she probably would've hated a bunch of the others, too.

Thank you, isomeme, for passing along the word, and for the light you and yours, and so many others, brought to her life -- on your own behalf, and ours as well.

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in Love and Freedom, AJ