June 3rd, 2004


Where the hell...


...has this week gone? I mean, okay, Monday was a holiday and all, but -- Thursday already?


I'm conscious that we've had two hyper-serious posts here in a row (though I'm kinda glad to have left the announcement of Meral's death, and appreciation of her life, up at the top for a bit), and in-between trying to get my normal sleep schedule back (from the 3-day weekend) and finish that rotten chapter five (okay, I:5) of In The Nightmare Village, I've been trying to think of something "lighter" to post here. So far, no soap. So...what the hey, go with a grab bag:

(1) Yeah, here I hold an icon vote, and settle on the icon nobody voted for. Typical.  ;)  (Then again, isn't howling-at-the-moon weirdly appropriate for an lj...'specially this one?)

(2) On impulse I taped off Bravo's West Wing marathon from Monday last. Hadn't really watched the show before, and am surprised to find it pretty darn good; in some places, very fine. "Top-10 Viewer's Choice" eps or no, when it comes to network TV, that's worth mentioning (even if I am, as usual, the last kid on the block to notice).

(3) Feel free to dive in again if it's time for another "AJ's Mailbag": questions, comments, I'll try to reply in a more or less timely fashion.

In the meantime, yeah, I'm still around, and I'll try to find somethin else to post soon. Much love atcha, gang.  :)

93 93/93 -- AJ