June 12th, 2004


Batteries Not Included

93, all!

This past week apparently marked "Corpus Christi," the day the mythical "Rosicrucians" (not the mail order firm) supposedly met in solemn conclave. Time for another Initiatory post!

Readers of The C.'.G.'. Student Handbook: Mysticism, Magick, Thelema (1997 EV) are aware that (much to its author's surprise) a lot of that book ended up devoted to my dropping hints about the nature of Thelemic attainment -- mostly by gathering some from the nigh-endless store Crowley himself left scattered behind for his successors to puzzle out.* The fascinating thing to me, in the twelve years since my own attainment, is just how plentiful those Crowleyan hints really are: the stuff I have in the book barely scratches the surface, and once you know what you're looking for, it's everywhere.**

Anyway, I already mentioned here (albeit buried in a Comment) the interesting things, for folks pursuing OTO degrees, to be found in Dante's Inferno. I can't resist making one more observation: guess which three days (supposedly in 1300 EV) Dante spends in Hell?***

(Bless Uncle Al: finally there's some advantage to being a literary type!  ;) )

You'll have to forgive me if I refuse to elaborate on any of this. "Curse o' th' Grade, sport," as several of my characters are wont to put it.  :)

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Since practically nobody is reading this footnote, I'll mention just this once that I also expounded the RPSTOVAL riddle some years ago. That's not in the books yet, though; I'll publish about it only once, years hence, in one of the novels.
** It's all in there, alrighty. Some assembly required. Batteries not included (fortunately) -- you gotta bring your own.
*** More specifically, which calendar days Good Friday to Easter Sunday, 1300 EV, fell upon? That said, yes, it's the Three Days you Thelemites are thinking of.  ;)