June 17th, 2004


'Salem's Lot

93, all!

Brief capsule review of the upcoming (Sunday?) teevee movie version of 'Salem's Lot, on Turner (TNT?), courtesy of mine actress wife Catherine, who got to see an industry screening the other night.

Script: I'm the Stephen King fan in the family, and Cath hadn't read the book (though she thinks she saw the short story, or an excerpt, in a magazine some years back). Anyway, comparing notes, it seems they've updated the story in some fairly daring (not to say politically controversial) ways; given the topic isn't her favorite to begin with, she thought it was well done. The direction was also quite good, she says.

The best thing about it (she says) is the casting. While Rob Lowe (in the David Soul role, for those who recall the original TVM*) is having to stretch a bit to play a writer (and, like a lot of actors, is not at his best doing voice-over narration), he does a fine job overall -- and the real treat is folks like Donald Southerland (in the James Mason role) and Rutger Hauer (as You Know Who).

Her overall verdict: well worth seeing even for the non-horror fan, and definitely worth a look for Big Steve's fans.

(I, who elected to stay home Tuesday and post all over lj instead just so's Cath's screen-combat partner, Michelle, could go in my place, can only report these things at second-hand. Any errors in transcription are all mine.)

93 93/93 -- That Self-Sacrificin' AJ

* Apologies for being too lazy to go look up the character names, and too senile to recall them offhand, twenty-some years later.