July 11th, 2004


Concealed "Words to the Wise" ;)

93, all!

Those who read my main page here ("Gulistan," which for those who don't read Userinfo pages means "a rose garden" -- get it?), rather than seeing these entries on their (or my) Friends pages, might want to know that I posted an entry yesterday on relationships, called "Words to the Wise." It was, alas, one of those relegated to Friends-pages-only by the tech difficulties with the move to Chef subcluster 8. Now you know!

Easy enough fix: go to my Friends page, scroll down until you see it (right under another of mine, commenting on the weirdness of the situation...which would have helped, had anyone been able to see that one on my main page, either. In fact, if this one also posts to Friends-pages-only, I think I'll wait a bit before trying again (heh).

Lj is offering paid members (like me, as of last Friday) more than generous recompense for the data loss some experienced (and data mixups like I had). That said, I won't be claiming mine, since I agree with the user who saw paid membership as basically a donation, and considered it "churlish" (I love that word) to accept a refund in any form on a donation.

Anyhow, now you know -- and now I'm off to test whether this one actually posts to the main page, as well as the Friends pages. If it doesn't, don't look for me to comment further on it for a bit!  :D

93 93/93 -- AJ (who hopes you'll go check the entry in question, if only to see the groovy mood icon (though don't look for same on the Friends pages maintained by those who impose their own mood schemes, rattin frattin))