August 12th, 2004


Reply to Doc Webster :)

[This is a response to a powerful and moving post on Doc Webster's lj, which may be found here: ]

93, Doc!

Beautifully put.

If it's any comfort, I am persuaded that things are in such turmoil today precisely because the Good Guys are in fact winning, at an unbelievably rapid pace. I am 49 years old, and have lived to see this begin to happen, beyond the wildest dreams of my Sixties youth. No lie. It may be harder to see where you are, but believe me, it's happening -- and not just in the "blue states," either.

Let me say that again. You don't cheat when you know you're winning: the current criminal excesses by the Bad Guys are happening because they're losing, bigtime, and know they're losing. That doesn't make this a fun time, exactly, but it's pretty good news all the same.

The Third World War turns out to be a war between the remnants of medieval religious fanaticism -- of all stripes -- and sane humanity. The sane humans haven't won yet, but their number is spreading at quite an astonishing rate. That is why the fanatics feel so threatened: they fear that their hateful delusions are dying, because, quite simply, at long last!, they are.

Anyway, thanks for posting that. It needed to be said. :)

93 93/93 -- AJ (who happens not to be gay, but is a Thelemite...and by the way has nothing but contempt for alleged "libertarians" who side with the most rabidly anti-libertarian administration in memory -- not to mention for the three remaining gay Republicans, may God enlighten their hypnotized souls)

Oh, and P.S. I'm also a native Californian (who partly grew up in Kansas & Missouri, go figure), and a former paralegal -- and for the record, we used to have Supreme Court Justices here (Democrats, natch) who might well have used this case to find the gay marriage ban itself unconstitutional. They were voted out in the mid-Eighties "for opposing the death penalty," in a very successful campaign engineered by the same right-wing interests who just got Arnold Fartzenknocker into office by a similar ploy -- and Gray Davis out, before (among other things) he might have added to the sanity quotient on the court (or, not at all coincidentally, made Enron pay for its acknowledged crimes against this state).

But remember, Doc, the dinosaurs were powerful, too...shortly before they became extinct. I haven't read the decision yet, but I gather that even this Court left the door open to ultimately finding the marriage ban itself unconstitutional. They don't usually do that sort of thing unless they're considering it. :D