December 16th, 2004


So, where ya been THIS time, AJ?

93, all!

1. Reeeeally busy...particularly studying (a) the emergence and mutations of Christian thought, ca. 30 EV to date, and (b) the doctrine and history of the Catholic Church, both in general and in its 1940s-1960's manifestation(s); all this for Consciousness Cycle volume four, In The Nightmare Village, due out Spring 2006 (I hope I hope). The book is attributed to Hod (on the Tree of Life), and amazes me by refusing to have nearly as much to do with science as it wants to do with Christianity. (Cf. AC's experience at Cefalu, invoking Mercury and ending up writing The Fish.)

2. It rained again. Like much of the population of West L.A., I found that a few days of rain was more than enough to muck up the Verizon phone lines, and to us dialup-impaired, that meant no 'Net for a few days, and intermittent for a few more. (I sound calm about this now, don't I? Time heals all wounds.)

3. Got sick -- very briefly (knock wood), but just long enough to mess up both travel plans, and a chance to meet a visiting friend.

4. And finally, there's the time of year -- but you knew that. :)

Am hoping to post soon about an interesting theme I've noticed, comparing the gospels, the writings of church fathers (& the very occasional mother) and doctors, and what passes for Christianity in much of the U.S. today. Not to spoil my reveal, but the bottom line is: if the Jesus of the gospels* were here today (as the Max Von Sydow character said in that Woody Allen film), "he would never stop throwing up."

(Oh -- and, yes, senryu did write the haiku that makes up her first post...along with scads of other unpublished material, including some killer AC limericks and even a rap song about isomeme called "Lodge Master C," back in the day. I am fighting a losing battle with myself against posting a lengthy, worshipful appreciation of the woman, whom I adore to the point of I have for the past eighteen and a half years. Good thing we're married, hunh?)

93 93/93 -- AJ
* Note the careful phrasing, meant to preclude arguments here about the "historical Jesus." Peace to all beings. ;)

La Belle Inconnue Gonna Kill Me For This

93, all!

This is an unlocked post, (a) because I never lock any posts at all (so far, anyway), and (b) because...well, call it "truth in advertising," or somethin.

In case anyone was wondering, I am perfectly aware that it's not always easy to carry on a conversation with a beautiful and charming woman while her hubby is lurking furtively about. For the record, then, while I may occasionally speak up on senryu's page, as a general thing I'm gonna stay out of the way. OTOH, I fervently hope she will post here non-stop...or not, as she Wills. ;) That said:

One-time-only initiatory hint: certain people -- I don't mean to single anybody out, here -- may possibly be known for a tendency to conceal themselves behind a mask of false humility when posting online. For example, somebody (just anybody, nobody in particular) who appeared in two films this year, regularly hobnobs with some folks whose names you would definitely know, and who has been fielding so many auditions and callbacks of late (film, stage, and TV) that I am beginning to think I'd better ask for some saucy photos to keep nearby in her absence -- I mean, if I knew anybody like that, you understand -- might prefer to downplay her accomplishments when posting on a forum like LJ, if only so's people will chat comfortably with her. And, well, were you the husband of someone like that (I'm just sayin), wouldn't you sort of clam up about it? If, like, that's what the lady preferred?

I know I would. :D

So, umm, okay. 'Nuff said. Not another word. :X

93 93/93 -- AJ
(who hopes you'll all take advantage of this opportunity to virtually interact with Some Folks who will very likely be too busy to do much updating, right soon. ;) )