January 6th, 2005


Bipartisan Consensus at Last ;)

93, all!

Okay...I understand the Republicans who cry foul about the (brief, and known in advance to be merely symbolic) challenge to the Ohio election results: I mean, the ones who suggest Democrats are trying to inflate small irregularities into major fraud. True, I think such people are badly misled, but I understand them.

What I don't get is the Republicans who talk about the "danger" of the Democrats' tactic. "What if Kerry had won, and we challenged the results? Under your precedent, we could just throw the election into the House and elect Bush after all!"

Well, yeah, okay -- from a Democrat, I understand this logic, which one Democratic senator himself used this morning: the argument runs, "The Republicans are more than willing to steal an election outright, if you aren't careful!" But, uhh, does it strike anyone funny to hear Republicans using this reasoning? I mean, since their best argument against the challenge is that the Ohio vote was fair, and that they'd never dream of stealing an election?

Apparently the Democrats and Republicans have reached a consensus at last: that Republicans are more than willing to steal elections (though the Republicans then add "so you'd better not accuse us of stealing elections, if you know what's good for you!"). I mean, maybe everyone with a measurable IQ already knows this by now, but it's sort of amazing to hear them admit it out loud.

Sorry for all the italics, but I am rather infrequently this surprised. :0

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. (Since this is the only political post I'm planning to do for the foreseeable future), Brief good news for paranoid Dems. Cheer up! -- either, (a) your Republican friends are right, and the next four years will be just wonderful (what a relief, hunh?); or else, (b) man, have you got some satisfying "I told you so" time coming right up. ;)