February 17th, 2005

AC Pensive

Why I am a Crowleyan :D


At long last, my record is broken -- as of yesterday* I am no longer the only person among the millions on LJ to list "Crowleyanity" among his interests. I have, I confess, been more than a little proud of that solitary distinction, these many moons...but now that it's no longer mine alone, let me post just a few (more**) words explaining why I included it in the first place. As always in discussions of Initiation, I will have to be somewhat indirect and unforthcoming, for the simple reason that absolute candor in such matters either (a) cannot be heard by, or (b) would spoil the fun of, those still undergoing Initiation. Furthermore, whaddayasay?, let's put this under a cut, so's most people won't read it. Collapse )