March 1st, 2005


Re-gender-trification :(

93, all!

Two posts you may have missed on purblind attempts to put humanity back into little blue-for-boys-and-pink-for-girls straitjackets:

I was there for the latter incident, in our local Borders' Children's Books section: all the Fantasy & SF under a big sign reading "Books of Interest to Boys," while over in "Books of Interest to Girls" we find Little Women, and similar domestic bidness. Fine enough in their way, but come on...Meg Murry for Boys Only? Ditto for Ozma, and Dorothy, and even the female heroes of Pullman's work?!

Surely we few aren't the only ones on LJ horrified by all this. :P

Frankly, while both are awful, the latter is the more astonishing to me. If we're trying this hard to tell twenty-first century girls that science (and, y'know, thinking) isn't for them, maybe the remarks by that idiot at Harvard really are worth a resignation.

93 93/93 -- AJ