April 7th, 2005


Typing Test ;)

93, all!

The first machine I used to put words to paper was my mom's smelly dark brushed-metal Smith-Corona typewriter. It was 1964, I was nine years old, and I was briefly terrified that I had broken it...since it wasn't separating the words as I wrote them.

Mom explained the space-bar, and everything was fine after that.

I wrote like mad on that thing; inherited it when Mom moved on to a fancy-schmancy IBM Executive circa 1966 or '67 (an electric typewriter, mind you!); finally got an electric of my own in 1978, when the old mammyjammer died (uhh, the Smith-Corona, not Mom, who's still with us).

First computer, 1985 or '86: the "Adam" (from Toys Am We, no less), whose memory (such as it was) involved little not-quite-audiocassettes. 1988 on to a used PC, several others afterwards, and finally bought our own new PC maybe five years ago (hey, it was top of the line for about three weeks!).


(a) Anybody else here start on an actual mechanical, manual typewriter? With a ribbon an that shih?

(b) That aside, what sorta machines stand out in your own writing lives?

Or not...just thought I'd ask. :D

93 93/93 -- AJ