April 8th, 2005

AC Pensive

I am AJ, and I approve this message, too :)

93, all!

Since I am a fanatic for the Class A "Comment" (barring discussion of the contents of Liber 220, which discussions tend to endanger the initiatory process itself) -- not to mention this is another of them busy days (weekends, in fact) -- I was stumped for what to post in honor of the First Day, other than maybe a cryptic TO NUIT!. This got me thinking about "Thelemic fundamentalism"...how, for example, I personally can just loathe people not taking the "Comment" seriously, yet adore, say, The Book of the In-Laws with an abiding passion. Maybe it's like that "Interlude" section I referred to the other day: those who approach Thelema without a high degree of seriousness, and without a deep sense of humor, are equally barring themselves from attainment? Somethin like that.

Anyway, speaking of the Middle Pillar, This Just In! Shocking manifesto from a previously-unknown group of religious fanatics! (And no, I don't know the author, just ran across this on a Friends page; anyway, it's here:)


That said (and since I'm not sure I'll be able to post tomorrow), let me just add -- "blessing & worship to the prophet of the lovely Star!"

93 93/93 -- Contemplative AJ