April 21st, 2005

AC Pensive



I have been trying for months and months to write a post on Mysticism, an ultimately wordless experience notorious for its tendency to generate millions of mostly inadequate* words. My own summary of the subject is in my Student Handbook, but not everybody has read it (yet ;) ), and anyway, I wanted to do a post I could keep with the others in the "Memories" file here. My strategy for these posts is simple: I want the stranger coming across this journal and quite naturally thinking, "You seem reasonably intelligent -- what's with this Mysticism, Magick, and Thelema b.s.?" (not to mention "Why the 93's?") to have immediate access to brief (hah!) answers. I have posts saved already for the 93's, Magick, and some Thelema stuff, but nothing for Mysticism. Besides which, two posts ago we bumped against the whole Unity-of-Truth-Despite-Chaos-of-Religions thing... So, y'know, let's take a stab. :) Collapse )