May 11th, 2005

AC Pensive

"Does Initiation Matter?"


Back to the AJ mailbag for today's question, an answer to which requires further details: (a) Which sort of Initiation do you mean?, and (b) Matter for what purpose? -- since the only way anything "matters" is by having a perceived value of some sort: for you, for your community, for the world, or however you care to define it. As always, some attempt to clarify terms might help, so let's try.* Collapse )

Aside to Henny



Didn't miss much. "It's quiet out there...too quiet."

C's medical show ran. She stole it, natch. ;)


93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. I'm giving away initiatory secrets again on my page, in my cryptic fashion. And did you see the Kansas parody?

Anyway, you was missed. (Awwww)