May 12th, 2005

AC Pensive

Raising Oneself in Pride


I have long felt that one of the last Old Aeon "virtues" to go would be false humility; one of the last Thelemic virtues accepted, pride. Pride requires careful definition, of course: it isn't arrogance (which includes an inability to learn from others) or vain boasting (which claims what it has not accomplished); nor does it allow one to overvalue oneself: Thelemic pride never loses sight of the pointlessness, and the divinity, of every creature on earth. One of the big reasons Thelemic pride can be mistaken for arrogance is an associated unwillingness to whine: Thelema disdains weakness, most especially in oneself, tends to hide the natural pain we all undergo, and some may see the result as either preternatural good luck, or disdain for the sufferings of others. I hardly ever get personal in a post, but I believe I will to make my point. Collapse )