July 5th, 2005


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93, all!

Longtime readers (both of you!) may recall a discussion here of moral relativism, originally prompted by a post from the thoughtful and articulate christeos_pir. As I recall, I laid out the major problems with a moral absolutist stance (briefly, whose morality do you pick?, since very fine people can strongly disagree on same -- hence the many sects within any given religion, and the many religions of humanity)...but also tried to articulate my own gut feelings -- quite possibly merely prejudices, though I don't think so -- that (a) Some human conduct is so nearly universally condemned by humans (I picked the compelling, if easy, example of harming children) that it might qualify as "evil" under something like a biological imperative; and that (b) Not least from having worked with criminals many years ago (my dad was a defense attorney), I believe I have felt something -- rarely, but occasionally -- almost like the "evil energy" of nineteenth century fiction (or Wilhelm Reich's "deadly orgone radiation"?)...that is, a mental atmosphere I associate with those who commit particularly heinous crimes, and which I do not believe to be merely my own disgust with the crimes, and criminals, themselves. I might even have brought in Eric Berne's useful (to me) alternative notions (for the morally weighted dichotomy good and evil): "libido" and "mortido" (love energy, death energy).

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