July 7th, 2005


"the floating world"


I was about to post something ("change of theme") about my new page theme, but just saw the news and don't have the heart. Those curious can check out my userinfo page, which already has some explanations and a link.

One paragraph of that intended post I will put here, however:

The page's new name, "ukiyo," literally means "the floating world" (hence the new subtitle). This refers not only to the Yoshiwara district of old Edo, but to the notion of human experience itself as beautiful and temporary, at least in its given forms of any given moment. We travel across a bridge of dreams, as one melancholy (and long dead) Japanese woman writer beautifully put it.

Other than that, my thoughts are (as perhaps too often) with the suffering -- and the worthlessness of those who cause such pain, for their own selfrighteous, lunatic ends. May the human race survive to outgrow such idiocy...and in the meantime, may those driven by it be fully found out wherever they hide, and punished as they deserve.

93 93/93 -- AJ