August 1st, 2005


Investment strategy ;)

Don't come to me with your sorrows any more --
I don't need to know how bad you're feeling today.
I declare I've had my share, and I've heard it all before --
It's time for me to be stealing away

-- James Taylor, "Love Has Brought Me Around"


Another one of those pivotal moments; thought I'd memorialize it here. :)

All my adult life I've abhorred the notion of "mellowing with age," believing that it meant something like giving up your passion, letting the fires die. For some it does, of course, and that I still abhor...but I'm beginning to realize that some of what I thought was "mellowing" (in others) might well have been something more like "wising up." That is, given you have only limited resources (financial, emotional, intellectual, and most especially temporal), be smart enough to allocate them wisely.

We tend to forget this (and those sucking your blood certainly won't remind you!), but it's entirely up to you where you invest your money, feelings, mental energy and time. Those who want your investment -- persons, organizations, even just the issues you find yourself thinking about -- will always have a good argument for why they should be the chief recipients of your giving, and, hey, invest where you like!...but be aware that: (a) You are investing (i.e. this costs you something), (b) Sometimes you would do well to invest a lot less than you have been (i.e. revisit your investments regularly to be certain they're paying off), and (c) Occasionally you really do need to cut your losses and move on: no further argument, no further thought, kthxbye.

So, for the record, I am done, Done, DONE with the bad investments: got me too much left to do, and too little time and energy to do it with. Back to work. Have a Nice Day. Drive through, please.

Kthxbye. ;)

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. Yeah, I'll still be posting here; that's one investment I really do find worth it, used wisely. 'Sides, so many of you guys are so cool 'n' stuff. :)