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The Unexpected House
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Friday, August 19th, 2005

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At last, we're alone ;)
93, all!

I used to get specific verbal advice in sleep all the time, and virtually as specific symbolic advice in dreams. I remember exactly when it stopped happening, too: when I didn't like what I heard, one time. This was in the mid- to late-Nineties, and I'd gone to sleep worrying about what seemed to be developing in this country's politics: the general fecklessness of the Democrats, and a scary rise in militant superstition among the Republicans. I'd recently had a dream in which an entire end-rhymed poem or chant, set to quite elaborate music, was reaching its crescendo in the lines: "Horus isn't carrying*: / That's Wotan," when I woke up.

So anyway, on this particular day something under a decade ago I went to sleep trying consciously to get an answer to my concerns...and was half asleep when the "voiced" message came: "This is what the end of empire looks like."

I hated and rejected the message -- and, it being the Nineties and America to all appearances at the height of its power, thought it simply inaccurate. The reason I recast my LJ some weeks back on the theme of the "floating world," however, is that I'm reluctantly concluding that I was wrong, and the words were right. Read more...Collapse )

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