October 12th, 2005

AC Pensive

Thelema and Self-Revelation; + odds 'n' ends

93, all!

A thread on the entirely admirable Brother ashkosis's page reminds me why I don't tend to discuss the contents of Liber CCXX. ;) That said, and avoiding the substance of the argument itself, a couple of observations (followed by the promised odds 'n' ends):

1. Crowley's injunction that one find and perform one's True Will is perhaps the most economical machine for revealing character ever devised. Given permission to be exactly who we are -- without superstition or fear, hemmed in only by actual external constraints rather than pretty theories -- we very rapidly begin to discover, and to reveal, "exactly who we are": what we're drawn to, what our standards are, of what our character is composed. This is, IMO, a crucial, and oft-ignored, aspect of Thelema; its value for the Shining Triangle, in speeding the creation of "a brain for the human race," beyond estimation.

2. Brother Ash goes on to post some insightful thoughts on human argumentation, which prompt me to recommend (again) that favorite hoary old chestnut, S.I. Hayakawa's Language in Thought and Action -- as fresh today as when it was issued, something like a half-century ago. In particular, the distinction there between soluble and insoluble arguments is perhaps the most important, and least understood, part of human communication.*

3. HAPPY 130th CROWLEYMAS!!!. (And you thought I forgot.)

4. Since my time is insanely bad right now, for reasons I may post about later, several random points: (a) Have you ever seen the hysterically funny film Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me? Wow, you really should. I don't know why it's like never on cable -- it should be. Yipers! Gaggingly funny, A++ (and here I am looking *right* at karma_sue and isomeme and sal93 and -- okay, the whole F-list, I give up). (b) I am on page 405, halfway through In The Nightmare Village, so it'll probably be a three-year composition (i.e., about a year and a half left to go). That means summer? 2007 EV release. Sigh. (c) Have I mentioned I really love you guys? I really love you guys. (d) I'm also working on a top-secret novel project, not part of the Cycle. Come to think, maybe now you can see part of why my time is so minimal, after all.

5. thiebes does some really lovely digital art. Check it out!

Oh, and finally:

5. Have I mentioned I really love you guys? I really love you guys! (It bore repeating.)

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Brief version. When two people are arguing, test for whether they're in an insoluble (hence arguably pointless) disagreement. Examples: (1) Each is making an accurate statement about their own state of thought, then disputing whose is "better." (2) Each relies in part or (worse) wholly on arguments not from at least theoretically discoverable fact, but from strongly-held (yet unverifiable) belief. Seriously, life-changing book, find one in a library and dig in. :)