November 9th, 2005


In Other News...


You know what's cool?

When an actress who doesn't do background ("extra") work makes an exception just this once (necessitating, by the bye, having to get up at 2:15am for a 5am call in West Hollywood, with a shoot day which runs to 4pm) -- on the extremely off-chance that she may actually get to meet the star, one of her personal idols...

...only to have said personal idol actually initiate a meaningful conversation with her.

I'll let her tell the story (whenever she frickin posts again!) of yesterday's adventure meeting Ms. Sally Kirkland...but you can peel senryu off the ceiling, 'cause she's done. ;)

93 93/93 -- AJ

Hallucinatory Design ;)

93, all!

I note with pleasure that Dover, Pennsylvania sent its eight "intelligent design" school board members packing yesterday -- "with pleasure," not because the mechanist explanation of evolution* is wholly accurate, which it isn't, but because replacing it with a fairy tale wouldn't help matters any...all of which reminds me of a correction I've been wanting to make here for some time now.

You may recall that some while back I posted a link to a creation-vs.-evolution excerpt from Tom Weller's wonderful Science Made Stupid, noting I thought that book's discussion one of the funniest things I'd ever read. What puzzled me, though, was that I couldn't find the most incisive, and hardheaded, section of that piece. Well, senryu recently uncovered our actual copies of Science Made Stupid and Cvltvre Made Stupid, and I didn't dream it: the online version omits Weller's original explanation of the Creationist model. I'm putting the quotation behind a cut because, while it strikes me as unexceptionable,** it is bound to offend some who would like to take both of the two mutually exclusive Creation stories in the book "Genesis" (in the Judeo-Christian Bible) as representing the infallible, literally-dictated Word of Almighty God.***

It will, however, make the rest of you spit beverage all over your screens, so put down what you're drinking and clicka-da-click. :D Collapse )