November 11th, 2005



well they shot up all the indians
cause they didn't want to get scalped
there was three of them on horseback against a whole tribe
but they didn't need no help
it was just a war movie
for god & country & glory, another war movie

when they got back they all got decorated
chins up, starin straight ahead
there was a trumpet blarin in the background & then the captain said,
"good job good job you're all heroes"
"cut," says the director, "you can all go to bed.
that's a take. it's just a movie.
don't let it go to your head."

well i saw the star of the show in another one
he was carryin a flamethrower this time
runnin from hill to hill he was fast like ninety years had no effect on him
he was fine
it was just a movie
it ain't reality! it's fake!
another stupid war movie
and nobody's breathing was at stake

they bombed the enemy town into the sky
but the people were all faceless anyway
they might as well have been cockroaches crawling in the rubble but then again it was a glorious day
for another movie
what a day for a daydream
another stupid war movie hooray hooray for the home team

as they were walkin through the streets seein what they could raid
the star of the show got shot in the back and he died
but that's okay he still got paid
what a movie!
tears fell from his companions' eyes
see the credits roll, there where he lies?

the world's a stage so what? it's just a movie someone said
yeah but it's the idea of it i can't get into my head
cause bein corny & goin for glory ain't real even if that blood they use is red
it's just a stupid war movie

-- Paleface, "Stupid War Movies," 1991