November 17th, 2005


Divine Oddballs

93, all!

I've thought about this often, but never post about it, because the points I want to make might appear self-serving...but screw that: having walked away from three success-track careers in my life to do what I'm doing, living in a nice apartment in a nice part of a nice city, possessing a good credit rating, always paying all the bills on time, not carrying unmanageable debt, reasonably attractive, exceptionally well-educated and passably well-mannered, enjoying nearly twenty years and counting of incomparable companionship with a beautiful and endlessly fascinating woman -- well, hell, if anybody is in a position to post about the divine oddballs without looking like a whiny failure in the process, I s'pose I'm as good as the next guy. So just this once let's get to it, behind the cut. Collapse )