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The Unexpected House
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Monday, November 21st, 2005

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Comment emails apparently down
93, all!

During the LJ move from Seattle to SF, my own comment emails are down, and I suspect other people's are, too...so (a) If I'm not replying to you someplace, please feel free to say so in this thread and I will (I may not have seen what you wrote to me), and (b) If you routinely screen comments, check your threads -- if you can -- to see whether people have some still-locked comments submitted that you need to unlock (unless you just don't wanna, natch, which is fine too); if you're relying on LJ mail to tell you about submitted comments, that may not be working just now.

In fact, we haven't done an "Ask AJ" in a long time...so if you have outstanding questions or comments, dive right in!, and I'll reply when able. :)

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. If anybody knows how to tell the LJ gods that comment mail is glitchy, such petitions would be welcome...unless they already know, of cawse. ;)

EDIT: THEY ALREADY KNOW. The problem is the IP addy change: AOL, Yahoo, Gmail and others are now blocking LJ mail as spam. AOL should have this corrected by Monday morning, and LJ is working with the others mentioned. So check your filters, let your IP's know if you figure they don't already, and be aware of the communications breakdown. Dat is all! :0

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