November 22nd, 2005


For the Record -- Iraq Recap, Part 1 of 2

93, all!

First, some fundamentals on the subject of "representative democracy,"* our source "The Scientific Solution of the Problem of Government" by the "Comte de Fenix."** In pertinent part:

"1.The average voter is a moron. He believes what he reads in newspapers,*** feeds his imagination and lulls his repressions on the cinema, and hopes to break away from his slavery by football pools, cross-word prizes, or spotting the winner of the 3.30.****
He is ignorant as no illiterate peasant is ignorant: he has no power of Independent thought. He is the prey of panic.
But he has the vote.

2. The men in power can only govern by stampeding him into wars, playing on his fears and prejudices until he acquiesces in repressive legislation against his obvious interests, playing on his vanity until he is totally blind to his own misery and serfdom.
The alternative method is undisguised dragooning. In brief, we govern by a mixture of lying and bullying."

So much for fundamentals; on, just this once!, at ridiculous but perhaps illuminating length, to current events. Collapse )