February 23rd, 2006

AC Pensive

"Late Breaking News"...


...which is what christeos_pir titled it, wherefrom this were ganked. ;)


Please be advised that USGL has now secured formal clearance from the
SC to proceed with allowing local bodies to require that local members
be in local good standing in order to be eligible for initiation, or to
participate in initiations, at their local body, with the proviso that
this requirement cannot be imposed upon candidates who reside more than
100 travel miles from the local body. Also note, as a corollary, that
local bodies should discontinue the practice (if they have done this in
the past)of allowing travel allowances or credit toward dues to their
members when they are travelling to be initiated at another local body.
Finally, note that "local good standing" is to be left to each local
body to determine, allowing the local body master to issue work credits,
hardship allowances, etc. at her or his discretion.

Hank Hadeed
Grand Treasurer General
Ordo Templi Orientis USA"

Sounds eminently reasonable to me, if I'm reading it right.

One quick question: do I read this correctly as requiring local Minervals to be paying local dues before they could attend the (local) Minerval initiations of others?

Not relevant to my own circumstances -- just curious. I don't plan on ranting about what this does to "honored guest" status...or to the symbolism at the end of the ritual. Or anything. In the meantime, my thanks to everyone who participated in the recent discussions. :D

93 93/93 -- AJ