April 20th, 2006


Kings is bustin' out all over! :0


From oto_usgl:

Apr 19, 2006 : Long live the King!


Word has reached us from the Land Down Under that a new Grand Lodge of O.T.O. has been chartered for Australia and its Territories, headed by Frater Shiva, X°. O.H.O. Hymenaeus Beta XII° ceremonially presented Frater Shiva X° to the Order at a celebratory Gnostic Mass held on April 16 in Newtown, Sydney, Australia. Our own Frater Sabazius X°, Soror Helena, and Frater SLQ assisted Frater Shiva to initiate his Grand Lodge officers into the VII°.

U.S. Grand Lodge joins with O.T.O. members worldwide in saluting Frater Shiva X° and the entire Australian O.T.O. for this epochal achievement. Let us raise a toast to honor, to glory, and to the King!

(EDIT: christeos_pir rawketh to the most-utt. Degree symbols restored! :) )

As some wag posted in a comment:

There's them as talks, and there's them as does things. ;)

Hip hip hooray!, and all good Will from your Sisters and Brothers, for a long and happy reign. :D


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