July 27th, 2006


'Bout that climate 'n' stuff


This is six or eight weeks now of weather so nonstop hot that I can't use the computer for longer than 30-40 minutes without a heat alarm. (We also got in on the blackouts trend -- 9-1/2 hours last Saturday. We got off lucky, believe me.)

Not good for writing, if you wondered. Not even for writing LJ posts.

Instead I'm reading comics & graphic novels like crazy: Grant Morrison, of course, Brian Michael Bendis, "House of M," the Ultimates stuff, you name it. Feeding the machine, until I can get steadily back to work. I will be working like a fiend once this stops...sooner, I hope, than they're predicting (as in OCTOBER SOMETIME).

L.A. has never had such weather. Ever. The electric grid is overheating simply because there isn't relief at night, either. I first heard of the Greenhouse Effect in 1969 EV. Wish they'd done something about it back then. :/

On the upside, sure keeps my stupid opinions to myself. ;)

Time to go.

93 93/93 -- AJ