September 19th, 2006




[A friend (in a locked post, so I won't specify which one) commented on the cognitive dissonance of a "Muslim Day of Anger" as a response to Pope Benedict slamming Islam as a "violent" faith. I improvised a reply I liked enough to repeat here, FWIW.]

Yeah. The guy in Somalia shooting the nun in the back was another high point in witty riposte. "Violent? Moi?!" :(

That said, I'm getting tired of people (not you, of course) congratulating themselves that Americans would never do such insane things. There were white Americans blowing up black folks' churches (killing children in a Sunday school class at the time), murdering college kids who dared to register blacks to vote, etc., etc. -- many of them explicitly proclaiming that Christianity demanded such conduct of them (no lie!). In my own lifetime, btw; last week, in historical terms.

(And we all know how silly it is for Popes to feign amazement at those who would spread their religion by the sword, I hope.)

There's a bad crazy streak in humans; has been for millennia, at least. I'm just gonna keep encouraging evolution as best I can...a lot of which I've also seen in my lifetime, come to think. :D

93 93/93 -- AJ