October 16th, 2006


Now it can be told! :D

93, all!

senryu's promised new Japanese video appearance is in release, so I can finally talk about it. It's Hitomi's "Ai no Kotoba": a cover, by this popular Japanese artist, of someone else's song (the original name of which eludes me, but it's prolly in the wiki article linked below). Both song and video celebrate the courage of those who love, particularly in the face of social stigma (old people, gay folks, etc. -- nothing creepy), but the tone of the video is lighthearted, and not infrequently surreal.

C is part of that surreality: the gorgeous blonde flashing a J-pop smile, while frying eggs on the hood of a mightily-tatted low-rider's ride, parked on the beach.

The vid is included on the DVD (yay!), and is up on YouTube, here:


The album's wiki entry is here:


And finally, Hitomi's publicists apparently maintain an English-language LJ. The post on the song (not video) is here:


Anyway, now ya know! Heads up to the_angelus: I strongly suspect your bunch would in fact like this. Surreal egg-frying aside, the unconventional smooching couples alone are worth the price of admission (so to speak)...though, alas, they virtually guarantee it won't see U.S. television, even on the Asia Pop shows (but cross your fingers anyway, everybody!). If the YouTube link isn't enough for your purposes, lemme know; maybe we can get a copy made or something. :)

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. She's also currently doing a tiny community theatre gig, but won't allow me to promote it because it's too small-potatoes. So, y'know, don't tell her I told you. She also looks to have more teevee stuff coming which is still under wraps, but you didn't hear that from me, either. :X