November 4th, 2006


Say a Bad Thing? Film for days! Publish nuke secrets? No biggie.

[ARGH! EDIT: This was the second of three versions of this post; less crazed than the first version, but still not so technically and chronologically accurate as the third and final. Thanks to LJ's problems yesterday, I had no idea either one had actually gone up -- much less two of 'em!

I deleted version one, and would delete this one, too, but I adore z111's comment, so I'm keeping this intro as a placeholder for it. The final version is my next post, since it's simply more accurate. Darn it! -- Apologetic AJ]

What Z replied to was this part:

I swear to God, the next person who tells me the media have a bias toward the Dems is getting covered in Silly String. I totally mean it.