December 8th, 2006


ISG*, Part II: Imagination and Empire


As much as anything else, great empires die from a lack of imagination: an inability to conceive that so much visible wealth and power can ever be in danger of being lost. Such blindness is all too common among policymakers -- particularly the elected ones -- but it's nearly universal among voters (the downside of democracy, as political stability and responsiveness can be its upside). Largely unrecognized by its citizens,** of all political stripes, the United States is currently in danger of losing forever the empire it has spent two centuries building. Those who dislike the U.S. empire can't necessarily take comfort in this: considering the energy and technical requirements for its survival, it is not impossible that civilization itself could become a casualty of the sort of militant irresponsibility now being unleashed on any number of fronts.

Because right, left, and center in this country -- not to mention the vast sea of the uninterested, whose awakening to their own peril (history assures us) nearly always comes too late -- so badly misunderstand the issues, and stakes, involved, I thought I'd waste some bandwidth trying to put together a primer on the subject, in however many parts it takes. Hey, it's on LJ! Clearly everyone on earth who needs to, will see it! ;)

More seriously, this is on my dinky li'l LJ precisely because only a handful of highly intelligent, forward-looking individuals -- inside and outside of government -- will see it, and that's how the Shining Triangle of Thelema passes the word along. Future posts in this series will be lj-cut to spare those who imagine all of this twaddle has nothing to do with them. Peace to all Beings. :D

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* What's "ISG" mean? (and/or, Where's Part I?) Go here:
** And in a way, who can blame them? At the turn of the millennium the U.S. looked to remain the dominant world superpower for many years to come. Barely a handful of years later, damage which could scarcely have been wrought by the most rabid overt external enemy has been (and continues to be) inflicted by a very small number of American men and women, with the acquiescence of many more -- the majority of all of whom had more or less benign motives at heart. How could so many decent folks destroy so much, so fast? Well, there's history for you. :/

ISG, Part III: "The Cold Equations"* (1)


Henry Kissinger used to open his graduate seminars by explaining that it was now time to forget everything the students thought they knew -- from media, civics classes, political (much less religious) dogma, and so forth -- about how the world worked, and discover how it does, in fact, work. Shame nobody puts that kind of candor out where people can see it, hunh?! Collapse )