March 22nd, 2007


Cool week...


...but hectic! :0

(1) Hope you had a Happy Equinox! We did, too. :)
(2) Thanks for the high-fives on senryu's recent appearance in the L.A. Times. You folks are too kind. :D
(3) I keep writing posts in my head. Maybe I'll find time to actually put some here! :0
(4) Yes, I still hope to have ITNV out this calendar year (EV). Wish me luck!

In the meantime, several quick shots:

* When we get a chance to watch stuff, we're jonesing on reruns of The Gilmore Girls. That is some spectacular writing (and fine acting) there, is what that is.
* I still owe you a Heroes post. Maybe it'll get here before the show gets back from hiatus!
* Interesting comparison: two versions of the same basic film, made very near one another (with much of the same cast), and radically dissimilar: Paul Schrader's Dominion: an Exorcist Prequel, and Renny Harlin's subsequent Exorcist: The Beginning. Only the latter got theatrical release. Most instructive to watch both (and with all due respect to Harlin, Schrader is a flippin genius).

That'll have to do, for now. Much love to the bunch'a yez! :*

93 93/93 -- AJ