March 21st, 2008


Irresponsible Prediction


Plenty of idle speculation on very little info in the passport files, heck, I believe I'll briefly join in. If and when we know the full story -- probably way too late to make a difference -- I suspect we will find we are seeing two things here:

(1) Actual snooping on the necessarily-extensive passport file of Sen. Barack Obama (which file started in his childhood, natch) in hopes of finding something to damage his campaign; and

(2) "False-flagging," meant to divert suspicion towards the Clinton campaign as being behind the breaches.

There were three breaches of the Obama file: two of them punished by firing without the benefit of an Inspector General's investigation -- and once fired, people are no longer subject to the IG's questioning -- and a third breacher only disciplined, so he or she can be questioned, who also breached Sen. McCain's file. (The breach of Sen. Clinton's own file is alleged to be, and could well be, a training mistake, immediately rectified.) If I hadda predict, I'd predict that breachers one and two of the Obama file will prove impossible to follow up on, but that breacher three -- who has conveniently snooped on both of Sen. Clinton's opponents, and can also still be questioned -- will end up either "confessing to," or looking really guilty as having done, the dirty deed on behalf of the Clinton campaign.

This is the single most classic Karl Rove technique, btw, according to the film, and book, Bush's Brain: Do something bad in a way that suggests your opponent did it, and reap the benefits of public sympathy. Rove is alleged to have done this all the way back to his own assumption (and/or "stealing") of the post of chair of College Republicans, through several political campaigns (like the one where a listening device was "found" in his candidate's office), and through the revelation of candidate George W. Bush's drunk-driving arrest in his first presidential campaign...the source of which, I believe, was in fact revealed to be Rove, long after people felt bad about the Gore campaign for having presumably done it.

Idle speculation on my part to link the two; I have no way to know what happened. If it was all just "imprudent curiosity," okay, fair enough. If a genuine Clinton partisan was involved, nobody will denounce it more than I will. But I have to tell you, the mere diversion of suspicion to the Clinton campaign ain't gonna cut it with me, because that's how these guys operate, is the thing. Spy on Obama, see what you find, tell no one...then, after it's well covered-up, "false-flag" a followup that targets McCain and Obama, and yell "Hillary! How could you?!"

So there it is: today's Tinfoil Hat Report. Doubtless I'm being paranoid. Let's hope so. :(

93 93/93 -- AJ

P.S. In 1992, when George H.W. Bush was President, candidate Bill Clinton's passport file was hacked, in an attempt to prove he traveled to Russia as a student. A special prosecutor was appointed to look into the breach; one extensively interviewed in recent days about these new breaches. That "independent" prosecutor? (who finally found no wrongdoing after three years): Joseph DiGenova: husband of Victoria Toensing, and the both of them famous Clinton-haters on TV during the Lewinsky scandal. These. Guys. Don't. Take. Chances. :P

More on the independent, non-partisan Mr. DiGenova -- presented, like his wife, as an unbiased expert, each defending Karl Rove's role in what became the Libby case: