"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

A Clash of Hallucinations...And Its Cure

"Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle." -- Plato (or so says this here desk calendar, anyway ;) )

Sol in Scorpio, Luna in Aries, Dies Martis
4 Scorpio C / 26 October 2004 EV

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

Okay, then. Given that I not only concede, but insist, that some actions are simply "anti-human, crummy & wrong," why (then) my discomfort with a term like "evil"? Simply this: "evil" is a term, not from science, but from theology...and theology is, alas, an enormous part of what fuels humanity's current, and rather apocalyptic, danger. People who are willing to murder thousands of innocents on behalf of their theology almost never believe they are doing "evil" -- indeed, they justify their actions as "good," however regrettable. This is why, I am convinced, humanity has chosen Business over all the competing utopian theocracies (including communism), as an organizing principle for human life: because most people are relatively sane, would prefer to be left alone to live as they choose, and realize the dangers well-armed theocrats pose to the very survival of the human race. "Thelema," that is (broadly construed), has been gradually winning the battle for human hearts and minds for some centuries now...which is why, of course, we find ourselves in the current mess. Some folks are so wedded to their hallucinations that they would rather all humanity perish than that those hallucinations themselves be adjusted to conform to reality. It will surely not surprise you to hear me suggest that Aleister Crowley saw this coming a century ago, and proclaimed Thelema itself to address the problem.

Throughout its history, humanity has organized around notions -- largely religious at first, then (as the various religions were forced to compromise when they reached the limits of their power) more broadly "cultural." Contrary to what some would tell you, the very reason that American culture achieved dominance in this battle was its diversity: its Thelemic quality, its preference for liberty over anyone's theology. Inevitably, however, as worldwide communications improved, the leftover violent hallucinations which have killed so many millions over all of human history -- which have so drowned the planet in blood -- tend to seek a final reckoning with one another, a final consolidation of their power: a final admission by everyone on earth that their own parochial set of delusions is the ONE TRUE GOOD, and everyone else's Good is SIMPLY EVIL. This is why those suffering from religious fanaticism want to frame the current world war as a "clash of civilizations," though it is nothing of the kind. A "clash of hallucinations" is the real problem; and Thelema, if we are to survive, its inevitable solution.

Note that some have erroneously believed (particularly circa the mid-twentieth century EV) that "science" would put an end to all this conflict, by declaring religion itself a delusion, spiritual concerns themselves meaningless. In this they were utterly mistaken -- not only because they reckoned without the spiritual needs of mankind, but because they failed to see the validity of religious or spiritual experience. What Crowley saw, that mechanistic materialism did (and does) not, was simply this: while the various superstitions attached to it are largely in error, spiritual experience itself is a real, and valuable, experience. If humanity was to survive, Crowley saw, humankind had to reach this twofold understanding: that superstition and tyranny were destructive and had to go, but that what remained would be barren without its spiritual component; would involve a scientific exploration, not only of externals, but of spirituality itself. Hence his motto for The Equinox, in March 1909 EV:


Rejoice, then, my Sister, my Brother, for you and I are blessed to be living in the Beginning Times: the first decisive steps of humanity at large out of hallucination, and into purpose, satisfaction, joy and strength, love and freedom. Don't let the passing noise and tumult -- and, yes, even the signal dangers -- caused by the old aeon's weary stragglers blind you to this wonder, to this unspeakable gift.

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in Love and Freedom, THETA

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