"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

Thanksgiving 2004 EV

Sol in Sagittarius, Luna in Taurus, Dies Jovis
4 Sagittarius C / 25 November 2004 EV

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

There is only one lesson to learn, peace; only one comment upon the lesson, thanksgiving. -- Aleister Crowley, "The Soul of the Desert"*
(written on the eve of the First World War, and available (among other places) in The Revival of Magick and other papers)

It's funny: I was going to say a great deal more; express my own gratitude, most especially for St. Cath (the finest wife and companion any man ever had)** and my three rotten cats (Brak, Shinju and Fremblio, who really aren't rotten at all), for friends and supporters (singling out -- of course! -- my sainted readers, plus all those on my Friends list, and so many others who have made me welcome here), for the leadership of (and so many others within) Ordo Templi Orientis, and every last spiritual hero carrying on the Great Work within the Collegium Gnosticum; for twenty-seven years (twenty-eight next 19 March) on The Path, and the inexpressible experiences that have come with them. I even intended to go on to wax philosophical about the transformative magical power of gratitude itself, and the endless list of things for which to be grateful in these revolutionary times.

As it turns out, though, Uncle Al kinda said above most everything I'd wanted to say; I believe I'll stop diluting his point, and end this here. Bless you all, and have a Happy Thanks-Giving. :)

Love is the law, love under will.

Yours in Love and Freedom, AJ

* Yes, he was writing about life in the desert (where did you think you were?); and writing for the Wanderers of the Wastes (who did you think you were?).

** And about whom I owe you folks some cool updates -- e.g., her triumphant performances this year at Dragonfest, and the raft of cool auditions and callbacks she's been getting of late...but more news to come on that score, cross your fingers 'n' knock wood. :D

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