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[I sent an earlier version of this letter -- on the uses and abuses of the mind -- to a student several years ago; it eventually made its way, in slightly altered form, into Topanga. © 2004 The Consciousness Institute, all rights reserved.]

"The Magick Sword is the analytical faculty; directed against any demon it attacks his complexity." -- Aleister Crowley, Book Four, Part II, chapter on "The Sword."

Cara Soror:

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.

The Pantacle and the Sword are the most dangerous weapons for the Candidate for Initiation, and the Sword easily the more dangerous of the two. Of all five of the Elemental Weapons, constructed at Neophyte through Adeptus Minor (Within), only these two exist completely below the Abyss.

The Pantacle is relatively inert. The Cup brings comfort; the Wand, focus; and the Lamp is the Hidden Treasure itself, utterly incapable of abuse.

Not so the Sword. It is dangerous by its nature, because it conquers by dividing.

When what it divides is a "demon," all is well. When what it divides is your Will, all is lost. Question, then: How to tell which is which?

When the Sword is used properly, it resolves complexity into simplicity. When it is used improperly, it makes simple issues seem as complicated as possible.

All Life is a Sacrament, saith the Lamp. Thy Will is Holy by its Nature, saith the Wand. Thou Understandest this Perfectly Well, saith the Cup.

Then the Sword decides on which side it will fight -- in harmony with, or in opposition to, that portion of oneself which exists above the Abyss.

Love is the law, love under will.

Theta (A.J. Rose)

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