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93, all!

In the course of a thread on ljoto (this one here:)


...a post from the the always-insightful 00goddess put me in mind of the initiatory complexity* of Uncle Al's various systems. So, y'see, I was gonna reply there...but didn't, not least because of my usual desire not to spoil anybody's good time for 'em. So then I tried to rewrite my reply for posting here...but (like most "hint-hint" posts) tha fooker resisted any attempt at revision.

Well, heck with it. I think I'll post it here as originally written -- "for what it's worth" (which was its original title). Anybody who might benefit from seeing it, most probably will. :D

93 93/93 -- AJ

* Cf. his discussion of (okay, oblique reference to) the necessity for initiatory deviousness in the "Hierophant" section of Book of Thoth (penultimate paragraph of the section, p. 79 in the Weiser). ;)


93, Goddess!

You raise (as so often) some excellent points, most of them undiscussable here (cf. CCXX I:50, 51) beyond what's already been well-said by others, and maybe best summarized as "Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks." Briefly:

(1) Thelema has a world to transform, and differing temperaments to reach within that world; AC designed its various gateways with this in mind. This will, also by design, make for redundancies...and, sometimes, outright contradictions.

(2) The moments we find ourselves thinking that something within one of AC's systems "contradicts Thelema" are, IMO, crucial to our Initiation, and designed to be so. They repay careful consideration -- of a sort you're rather more likely than some others to give them. ;)

93 93/93 -- AJ
Minerval, An. XC

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