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Where were we?

93, all!

Yep...back at last, after twelve days without the ambiguous benefits of twenty-first twentieth nineteenth century technology a telephone line of any sort. Funny thing: by the simple combination of (torrential downpour-induced*) loss of phone service plus (self-induced) abstinence from most television use**, I have vastly increased my literary output...not to mention sense of well-being and peace of mind***. I expect this discovery will have implications for this here journal: I have missed the conveniences of the 'Net, but also discovered some drawbacks, for me anyway.

If you posted something wonderful between 10-24 January that you wish I'd look at, please lemme know and I'll check it out. :) Ditto for something you saw elsewhere that you think I should know about. (Example: those who adored the old Disney-Monsanto "Adventure Through Inner Space" ("Mighty Microscope") ride should immediately visit http://www.atommobiles.com ...that kinda thing.)

I did go look at missed posts from the Friends list, 'cause you guys are worth it. In fact, reading them in such a concentrated dose, I was amazed to realize how much of the sort of writing you used to have to buy books of essays to get, is being given away for free on people's journals. Breathtaking, really, and youse all gots my thanks. :D

I'll be around. Do keep in touch. :)

93 93/93 -- AJ

* With a little help from squirrels, apparently.
** "Use" as distinct from "viewing," exactly: i.e., "Stop leaving MSNBC or CNN on with the sound down, AJ."
*** A lot more Raja-Yoga helped, too. Bunches 'n' bunches.

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