"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan) (ajrose93) wrote,
"A.J. Rose" (Jonathan)

Elvis is locked out of the building :/

93, all!

In what strikes me, anyway, as an excess of zeal, senryu's employers have restricted employee internet access -- out of security, rather than time-wasting, concerns (prompted by the unsafe online habits of employees other than herself, natch). Their new firewall should take care of the majority of the problem, and the part it can't protect against will doubtless be swiftly compromised by their own 'net use (business and otherwise); but Cath is almost as fanatical a stickler for The Rules as I am, sooo...

Bottom line: she'll be LJing in the evenings, only, for now. She'll be around, just not as often. Now ya know! :(

93 93/93 -- AJ

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